My Thoughts on Malfiecent (Spolier Review)

Hello, Disney lovers! I watched Malfiecent a few weeks ago, and I realized it really feels like a new story! (I had watched it twice before!) Anyway, I want to write a summary about it and my thoughts!(Spoils ahead!)


The beginning is great because we get to learn a bit about  Malfiecent’s childhood! I also liked how we got to know why she turned evil because Stefan cut off her wings.(because he couldn’t make himself kill her.) I thought that was very great to learn about that! Anyway, Stefan becomes King, and he gets married. Then, his wife has a baby girl. Malfiecent is upset about it because well, she probably still liked him a little bit. Like the classic, Sleeping Beauty,  they don’t invite Maleficent to the party or whatever for Princess Aurora. Maleficent comes in and says that she will grow in beauty. But of course you know, that’s not  all! She curses the same curse as the classic and says the only way she can wake up is by “true loves” kiss.(Stefan gave her “true loves” kiss on her 16th birthday, so that’s why she said that. I think it’s very clever!) The fairies that have different names than the one in the classic raise Aurora, even though they no nothing (when I say nothing, I mean NOTHING.) about child care. Malfiecent actually watches over her all the years. Meanwhile, King Stefan and his army are trying to find Malfiecent to kill her

One day, Aurora finally meets Malfiecent, and she thinks she is her fairy godmother which I think is so funny! Malfiecent and Aurora spend a lot of time together, and Malfiecent actually grows to love her! She one day (while Aurora is sleeping) tried to reverse the curse, but it doesn’t work because while cursing it many years ago, she said no power can reverse the curse! Aurora finds out she is cursed(and is the daughter of the King) and then realises that Malfiecent is the one who cursed her. She actually asked her!  Aurora rides off to the castle, and meets her father. He is being a huge jerk because one of the first things he says to her is that the fairies let her come here a day earlier. All he wants is to find Malfiecent…

Malfiecent wants to stop the curse, and Divaval(Her crow that she turns into human) talked about finding true love for her. She says there is no such thing as love, but he wants her to try. She would try for Aurora. She finds a prince(that Aurora met that day) and makes him asleep and carries him with her magic. She turns the crow into a horse, so she can try to ride quickly to the palace. But it is to late. Aurora already pricked her finger! The prince kisses her, but it sadly doesn’t work. Malfiecent is very sad, and she wished she never cursed her. She kisses Aurora on the forehead, and she awakes! I think it is so bittersweet! Aurora asks if they could go back to woodland(I don’t know what it is called.)

Then, Malfiecent gets trapped because King Stefan was waiting for her. Aurora finds her wings, and then she has them back. King Stefan and Malfiecent are now sorta having a fight. She tells him that it is over, but her grabs onto her wings. He falls and dies.

Aurora is now Queen of the woodland.(Totally forgot the name)  Malfiecent and Aurora live happily ever after. And Malfiecent is sorta called the hero of the story at the end and King Stefan the villain! They definitely had some huge twists that could basically be a new story! Malfiecent is the one who awoke Aurora, and there are even more twists! I enjoy this movie, but I just really feel like it is a new story!(I know it is, but I mean like it isn’t like Sleeping Beauty at all.) It is not like the original at all, but I like it more than the classic because I have never been a huge fan of it!

I just want to say a few more things about this film! The costumes are amazing, and Angelina Jolie was PERFECT for the the part! I think they did an amazing job with her makeup, and she just looked amazing!

What do you think of Malfiecent, and do you agree that it feels like a new story?

Have a magical night!



10 thoughts on “My Thoughts on Malfiecent (Spolier Review)

  1. Chow Kim Wan says:

    It is like… completely different. Aurora does not know Maleficent in the original 1959 film, but in this one she does. I remember the scene in her lair where she flares up upon learning that her minions did not hunt Aurora down after 16 years. How could she have been looking over Aurora all that while?

  2. Rachel Wagner Smilingldsgirl says:

    Ugh…hated this movie. It’s basically Sleeping Beauty fan fiction and they ruined all the characters and turned Maleficent into a victim.

  3. tontaybla says:

    I loved this movie. I am not a fan of the original or many of the other older princess movies. My favorite part of this movie is that they went back to when she was a child, I like knowing why a character went bad and that may turn them into the victim but at least you know the why. Also I didn’t think I would like Angelina Jolie in this movie, it doesn’t seem like one of typical roles, but she did an awesome job she made the movie.

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