What To Pack for Disney

Bonjour, Disney lovers! If you haven’t been to Disney, you probably don’t know what to pack and what you need! This morning, I will be writing about what to pack for the days at the Disney Parks! Anyway, let’s get to the post, and I hope this will benefit you!

Bring a good-sized backpack. You are going to pack several things for your day(s) at Disney, so I recommend bringing a good-sized backpack. Make sure  the zippers are working, and there are no holes in your backpack.

Pack some water bottles. Just bring several from home, and if you run out of them, just buy a couple more.  I promise you this will save you money! My family always does this! I don’t recommend to bring a cooler, but  just put them in your backpack. You can just freeze your water overnight, and then pull them out in the morning. They will be cold throughout the day, so that’s why I recommend to always do this!

Pack some sunscreen. It is always important to wear sunscreen! I recommend bringing the spray sunscreen because it will not take awhile to put on instead of using the other kind!

Pack some snacks. I know most people like to buy there own food at Disney, but if you are starving for some snacks or your children are, just pull them out! I recommend bringing something like grapes or something like that. You don’t need to bring a lot of them because you probably will buy snacks at the Parks.

Pack some sunglasses. I promise you that you need them! Several times I have wished I brought my sunglasses with me because the sun is burning hot on my eyes! Now, I am always going to bring them!

Pack some bandages. You don’t know if you will cut yourself or your kids will get a cut, so just throw some in your backpack!

Pack some hand sanitizer and
wipes. You don’t want to go the bathroom to just wash your hands! After you get some sanitizer on your hands, wipe your hands off with wipes, so you don’t eat the hand sanitizer.

Pack charged phones and your wallet. These are one of the most important things you have to pack!  You always want to have a charged phone at Disney, so try to not to look at your phone a lot. Just save it for pictures, possibly videos or other important things!

Pack a spray bottle. These are great because they cool you down! I really recommend to bring one!

Pack some autograph books  and pens. I recommend buying them before you go to the Parks!

Pack a light jacket or sweatshirt. You never know when it will get cold, so bring one! 

Have a magical day!



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