My Lava Review


Hello, Disney lovers! Before Inside Out, there was a seven minute short called Lava! I have written a review for Inside Out(which you can read here), and I realized I haven’t written a review for the short, so I decided do write one this afternoon:

The short is about a volcano waiting “lava.” (love) He sees creatures in love, and he really wants to be. Through out the film, he sings a song, Lava.  Years past, and a girl volcano was listening to his singing under the water. He  thought that he would never have love at one point, and then, finally, the other volcano came  up, and they were singing the song together, and they were very happy!

If may seem dumb to you, but it’s not! It’s very adorable, and I really like it! The animation is awesome in the short! Out of five stars, I give it a four!

What do you think of Lava?

Have a magical day!



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