Why Pixar Didn’t Need Toy Story 3 

Hello, Disney lovers! I think that the Toy Story movies are so creative!  My personal favorite is the second.  I love the first, but the second has always been my top fave!  Honsetly, I don’t like how Toy Story 3 ended! Andy went to college and gave all his childhood toys to a little girl that I am guessing he hardly knew! If I were him, I would keep them in the attic, and then when I had kids, I would let them play with the toys! I mean come on Pixar! The movie is so sad at the end, and Andy should have kept his toys!

Do you think Andy should have kept his toys, and what do you think of Pixar making a fourth Toy Story?

Have a magical evening!



12 thoughts on “Why Pixar Didn’t Need Toy Story 3 

  1. Jasmine says:

    Reblogged this on A Young Moms Blog and commented:
    If I was to make a “Toy Story 4” I would either
    1) Make it in the past where Andy has all his toys and father. Rumors say that Andy’s Dad gave him Woody and his Mother gave him the hat she said when she was a little girl. Andy’s mother was also the owner of Jesse and the hat the mother gave to her son was really a cowgirl hat from again when she was a little.

    (Option two) Make one about the little girl Andy gave her toys to.
    and lastly, A “what if- Andy- took- the -toys- to- college” Scenario would (Have) be pretty interesting too..

    To be honest, I am neutral about the whole situation. I don’t know what it would be about really most likely I’m thinking option two. I loved the third one and yes it was sad but I don’t understand how the fourth one would be better. I am excited to see how it will go though… Ill be able to take my daughter. My brother and I grew up with the first one. When the second one came out we were a little bit older and thought we would be made fun of if we were to see it. I certainly did without my brother knowing because I thought he would tease me. When the third one came out I didn’t care at all. Lol Im excited..

    Happy Blogging
    -Jasmine Thorne

  2. smilingldsgirl says:

    So funny you posting this just at same moment of my review of Toy Story 3. I felt like they had a relationship between Bonnie and Andy. The way that his mother greats her is so warm it seems to me to be more than just a passing stranger. I guess I figure he knows where they are and can probably come back and get them by the time he has kids. Bonnie will be too old for them by then anyway.
    For me it is symbolic of the end of childhood and a chance for particularly Woody to say goodbye to Andy. It’s kind of like the end of Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh in that respect. I don’t think putting the toys up in the attic would have been a very good way to end the movie because the journey with Andy was over so we needed that sense of closure. At least I did.
    As far as Toy Story 4 I have faith they will make it great. John Lasseter is at the helm and it is a story within the world of the toys which sounds very creative to me . I look at it as one chapter is over with Toy Story 3 and now we are on to the next.
    Hope you have a magical evening too!

  3. Natalie Davis says:

    I know! I just was thinking that! 🙂 Yeah, everyone has different opinions. I am excited to see how they make it!

  4. DesolationOfBlog says:

    From Andy’s POV, it’s sad that the toys were no longer his to be passed along to Andy Jr, but from the toys POV, they get to be played with for years to come by a little girl with a big imagination. So it all depends how you look at it I guess.

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