Day 22: Favorite Disney Memories

Hello, Disney lovers! Today is day 22 of the 30 Day Disney Challenge! Going to Disney 12 times, I have lots and lots of Disney memories, and here are some:

I remember when I turned five that my family went to Orlando with my mom’s side of the family. I remember getting a little Cinderella dress from my grandparents and eating in Cinderella Castle and meeting Cinderella and her stepfamily and the Prince. I remember following one of the stepsisters. Another thing I remember on that  trip was going to Hollywood Studios. My dad and my uncle wanted me to ride Tower of Terror, and I did. I think I
remember waiting in line and thinking the people or ghosts on the elevator were my family. That’s all I remember of riding it. I also remember I had a headache after the ride, and I got some ice cream. I have always said my uncle and my dad made me go on the ride!

When I was seven, I remember eating at Princess Story Book Dining. I wore a Belle dress with my hair in a bun. I wanted my parents to take a pic with the princess all by myself.

When I was eight years old, my grandma took my siblings out, and then when we went home, and my parents told us to go upstairs. We did, and we saw suitcases and Disney things. It was a surprise trip to Disney World, but we didn’t really have a reaction. This trip was the first time I rode Rock ‘n Rollercoaster and Space Mountain. I remember after my family went to Hollywood Studios, we went to the airport, and my parents picked up my nana, and we didn’t know she was coming.

When I was nine, I went to Disneyland for the second time. Surprisely, I don’t remember a lot of it. I remember Splash Mountain being a bit different, Pirates of the Caribbean,  too, and I remember on Space Mountain, you could sit by someone unlike the one in Orlando. I remember getting Minnie Mouse ears. I remember going to California Adventure and riding Screamin’ and riding the Monsters Inc. ride a lot because my sister loved it. I also remember riding the Little Mermaid ride and sitting only by sister, and she was crying. (She was about two.)

Last year, my family said we weren’t going to Disney, we were going to Destin and Hilton Head, which are both beaches. Our parents said we were going to Destin, but I kept seeing Orlando signs.(This was our first time driving to Orlando.) Then, when we were almost there, my parents said look over there. I really couldn’t believe it because I saw the Mickey and Minnie Mouse entrance! I was shocked, and I don’t think I said a thing. My dad showed me the tickets, and I started screaming. My brother started crying because he doesn’t like surprises. Then, we went to Downtown Disney, and my family got some slushies from Goofy’s Candy Shop!

I obviously have more Disney memories, but those are the ones I wanted to share! 🙂 What is your favorite Disney memory?

Have a magical day!

Natalie Davis


4 thoughts on “Day 22: Favorite Disney Memories

  1. Aurelie says:

    Wahoo! that a wonderful story 🙂
    well since I never went to Disneyland, i don’t have any Disney memory but I have always wish to go there ❤

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