Day 12 and 13 (I Missed a Day)

Hey, Disney lovers! I know I missed day 12 of The 30 Day Disney Challenge, and I will make it up!

Day 12: I have several favorite Disney rides! I like Splash Mountain, Pirates of the Caribbean, Rock n Rollercoaster, Test Track and more!

Day 13: OK. It feels great to be caught up even though I only missed a day. My favorite Disney show is Wishes in Magic Kingdom! It’s the best fireworks ever!

Tell me in the comments what is your favorite Disney ride and show!

Have a magical day!



4 thoughts on “Day 12 and 13 (I Missed a Day)

  1. Paul Stroessner says:

    I love Pirates, Haunted Mansion, and the Rock and Rollercoaster. I always think Wishes is my favorite show, but I’m blown away every time I see Reflections of Earth. Mexico is my favorite place to view it from.

  2. Natalie Davis says:

    I love all those, except the Haunted Mansion!(not the biggest fan!) Both shows are breathtaking! πŸ™‚

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