Tips for Spending Less Money at Disney

Hello, Disney lovers! Disney vacations are so expensive, and you probably want to save some money. Here are some tips  to spend less at the most magical place on earth:


1.If possible, drive to Disney. If you live in certain places, this won’t be possible, but if it’s 12 hours away or something, go for it!  It would be fun to go on a family road trip!

2. Pack your own lunches and snacks. Trust me, this will save you a huge amount of money! Go to the store, and buy some food and drinks.

3.Stay off property. Staying on property can costs thousands, so stay at a cheap hotel.

4.Buy some cheap autograph books at the drugstore in Disney. My family does this, and they cost what? Three or five dollars!

5.Don’t go to the parks everyday. Spend a day at the pool, go to the beach, or go to Downtown Disney.  Honestly, I like to go to the parks every other day, so my feet can get a break.

6.Set a budget for how much you want to spend on souvenirs.

I hope this  has help you, and please, don’t forgot to tell me if I forgot any tips!

Have a magical day!



8 thoughts on “Tips for Spending Less Money at Disney

  1. Marigold Sunjewel says:

    Thank you for the tips! 🙂

    One of my family’s favorite money-saving tips is bring those little packets of powdered drink mixes with you into the parks. We refill water bottles we buy in the parks at the drinking fountains, and then add in the drink mixes to make lemonade, fruit punch, etc. Works great and allows everyone to stay hydrated all day for way less money 😉

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