My Top 5 Favorite Pixar Movies

Hello, Disney lovers! I am sorry I haven’t been writing Disney posts lately! I just haven’t had lots of ideas. Anyway, Pixar is awesome, and I have written my top five favorite Pixar movies:

5. Ratatouille: This movie takes place in  France, and we learn of the life of rats. Remy is not like any other rat. He wants to be a French chef. The movie is sorta hard to explain, so that’s all I want to say.


4.Toy Story 2: Some people might like the first one the best, but I like the sequel!  Woody is stolen by a greedy toy collector,Al, and he meets some other toys that are part of his cowboy gang, Jessie, Stinky Pete and Bullseye.


3.Monster University: In this pre-sequel, we learn about life before Mike and Sulley worked  at Monsters Incorporated and just when they met at the scare college, Monsters University.


2.Up:   All Carl Fredrickson  wants is to fly to his house to Angel Falls. He finds Russel, an eight year old boy scout, on his front porch. They meet some new friends on the way.


1.The Incredibles: Bob and Helen Parr are retired super heroes with three kids. When Bob gets an opportunity to be a super hero again, he takes it without telling his wife, and he realizes the adventure is not what he thought it would be.


What is your favorite Pixar movie?

Have a magical night!



6 thoughts on “My Top 5 Favorite Pixar Movies

  1. Aurelie says:

    my favorite pixar movies are: inside out, nemo, brave, ratatouille, up.
    well i don’t know if it’s a pixar movie but I also like frozen which is my first favorite animation, tangled, tinker bell, beauty and the beast and maybe more…

  2. Vanessa says:

    Nice choices, I have to say that Brave and Toy Story 3 are one of my favorites (I cried in both 😛 ). Just a side note, Up takes place in the Angel Falls in Venezuela, not Niagara Falls.

  3. smilingldsgirl says:

    Interesting choices. They are all great films. My top 5 is Up, Toy Story, Inside Out, Incredibles and Wall-e. Up makes me think of my Grandpa and really taught me something about life I’ll never forget so it gets the top spot but then I have a 9 place race for 2nd. I think Monsters University is underrated for sure. Nice bold choice.

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