What if Emotions had Feelings: My Inside Out Review


All of Pixar’s movies have been different. We have learned about the world of cars, planes, monsters, rats, superheroes, bugs and now our emotions inside are head. I finally saw the new Pixar movie,  Inside Out which I had been wanting to see for weeks! It was heartwarming, adorable and really funny!

11 year old Riley and her parents move from Minnesota to San Francisco, and she isn’t really happy about it, or her emotions Anger, Sadness, Fear and Disgust are not either but not Joy. The five emotions job is to keep Riley happy and to remind her of her memories. But something bad happens one day, when Sadness touched the core memories, and Joy and Sadness get sucked into a tube away from the headquarters.(The place where the emotions make her feel feelings.) They find themselves outside of the headquarters, and they need to get back to Riley!

The people who voiced the emotions were perfect:  Amy Poehler as Joy, Mindy Kaling as Disgust, Bill Hader as Fear, Lewis Black as Anger and Phyllis Smith as Sadness!  My personal favorite emotion was Disgust because she had a great sense of fashion, and I loved her sass! (I am planning to do a inspired makeup look for her, and if it turns out good, I will write a post about it.)  I smiled a lot during the movie,   I almost cried at one point, (but I won’t say why because of the people who haven’t watched it.) and I left the movie feeling great! Also, the short before the movie, Lava, was  cute! It was about a volcano who wanted love. Anyway, I really liked the movie, and I really want to buy it when it comes out! You should really go see this movie in theaters because it is so adorable! Out of five stars, I rate this movie a five!


12 thoughts on “What if Emotions had Feelings: My Inside Out Review

  1. Her et al. says:

    How did you not cry?? I cried at like 3 different times! I absolutely love how well they conveyed how emotions work and what goes on in our heads. It is an awesome movie!

  2. Aurelie says:

    yes I love it too! but unfortunately it’s not out yet in West Africa 😦
    but I will look for it!

  3. Jacob Bartley says:

    Nice review. Inside Out is a great movie for kids and adults to enjoy. It’s funny because my favorite emotion in the movie is Disgust too! She was sooo funny and they way they used her was very clever

  4. mireiabooks says:

    Good review! I agree with you in a lot of things. I think the concept of the film is very original and unique, very different from the other Pixar films.

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