10 Important Lessons We Learned From Disney Princesses


Hello, Disney lovers! I am sorry I haven’t written lots of Disney posts lately! I just haven’t had lots of ideas, but I really hope I can make up for it! Maybe you think being a Disney princess is all about  the dress and the tiara, but it’s not. They have taught us very important lessons, and here are some of them:

1.Belle: It doesn’t matter what on the outside, but it matters what’s on the inside. This is probably one of the most important lessons in life. You should never judge someone by how they look.

2.Mulan:Women can do what men  can do. Mulan did exactly that. She went to the army, so her father didn’t have to. There was only one way she could do that, if she made herself look like a guy. In the end, she ended up saving China!

3.Cinderella: Be kind to people even if they aren’t kind to you. Cinderella’s step family treated her awful, and she  still was very kind to them.

4.Ariel:Never give up on what you want. Ariel wanted to be with Prince Eric, and she never gave up trying to be with him.

5.Rapunzel: Stay true to your word. Rapunzel promised she would she give Flynn’s bag back to him if he took her to see the lights. It’s very important to keep your promise.

6.Jasmine: Love someone not for who they are or not how much money they have. Jasmine didn’t care that Aladdin didn’t have any money, or  he wasn’t a prince.

7.Pocahontas: People aren’t different if they have a different background or a different skin color. Pocahontas loved John Smith. She didn’t think of him different just because he had a different skin color. 

8.Anna: Put others before yourself. Anna saved Elsa’s life even if she could have been kissed by Kristoff.

9.Elsa: Don’t forgot to show who you really are. Elsa realized at the end she was happier when everyone knew who she was.

10.Snow White: Don’t talk to strangers. OK, Snow White didn’t know the hag was the Wicked Queen, so she sorta was a stranger. We shouldn’t accept anything from them, or talk to them.

Have a magical night!



4 thoughts on “10 Important Lessons We Learned From Disney Princesses

  1. Aurelie says:

    Fantastic!!! i love it. i really enjoy this post, thanks for posting this. I learned new thing.
    Did you know that Belle has always been my favorite disney princess?
    what is yours?
    you too have a super duper magical sweet night!!!

  2. Natalie Davis says:

    Thank you so much! Well, I am glad it did! My fave is Belle also! I loved to read your blog, but I don’t how. Maybe you could sent me a link! 🙂

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