The Character Cookies at Disney

Hello, Disney lovers! There are these really cute character cookies at Disney World! There are Mickey, Minnie, Belle, Ariel, etc. The only time I tried these cookies was at Hollywood Studios! My family were going to get some snacks before Fantasmic! , and my siblings and I saw them, and we really wanted them. My parents bought us some for five dollars per cookie, and I was very excited to try them.(I think I was nine or eight.) However, as I sat down at the seats at Fanstasmic! I realized these adorable cookies were disgusting! And it wasn’t just  me, my siblings thought so, too! 20 dollars down the drain, and they weren’t even worth it! It has been three or four years since I had these cookies, and I am tempted to see if Disney changed the recipe!


Have you ever tried these cookies? Did they taste good?

Have a magical day!



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