How To: Look and Act Like a Disney Princess

Hey, Disney lovers! Disney Princesses are awesome, and lots of people want to be like them by how they act and look!  It’s sorta simple, and with the right steps, you could look like a Disney Princesses! Let’s start off with the looks:

1.Have perfect skin. I know you must be thinking there is no such thing as perfect, but you can least have close to perfect. When do Disney Princesses don’t have perfect skin when we see them on our TV’s? The answer is never. Make sure you wash your face with facial cleanser daily, and put some stuff on your zits to make them go away. Your skin is probably not close to perfect by now, so put on some foundation,  concealer and powder to set. I also suggest putting on a little blush, because Disney Princesses usually have some color to their faces!


2.Have bold and big eyes! Put on some eyeliner and black(or brown) mascara, and you’re good to go.


3.Have perfect looking hair. Wash your hair with shampoo every other day and condition your hair, too. You can flat iron or curl you hair. Never use your brush for getting those awful tangles out(only use for styling), but use your comb for that. Get your hair trimmed every here and there. Do these things and you will probably have  gorgeous hair!


4.Always have good posture!


5.Wear pretty and cute dresses. Even casual works!



1.Be kind to everyone. Even animals.


2.Sing songs.


3.Be happy.


4.Never give up your dream!


Have a magical night!



9 thoughts on “How To: Look and Act Like a Disney Princess

  1. glittersara says:

    Actually, if you wash your hair to much you can strip the natural oil from your hair so it will grow even slower. I learned that the hard way I washed my hands to much and they cracked and bled. I stripped all the natural oil. So I would suggests washing your hair 2 or3 times a week. But if you don’t want it to grow than do what Natalie said!!😃

  2. glittersara says:

    Sorry that was a little harsh! It depends on your hair type it might grow the same or it might grow slower, it won’t stop growing! Sorry if it sounded like it would!! 😃

  3. Katie's Keys says:

    I have to wash my hair every other day, like Natalie said, because if I don’t it will get really oily and itchy. I do have friends who can only wash their hair a few times a week because of the natural oil problem. So it really depends on your hair.

  4. Natalie Davis says:

    Everyone has different hair. My hair is fine if I was my hair every other day. Also, Sara it wasn’t harsh! 🙂

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