Tangled Animated Series


Hi, Disney lovers! I am freaking out right now because Disney has announced that they will be making a Tangled animated series on Disney Channel! I think it’s an awesome idea! (I am also glad they aren’t making a Frozen series. Thank goodness!) I have heard it will start where the movie Tangled ended, but I wish it would start after Flynn Rider and Rapunzel got married.  Mandy Moore and Zachary Levi will be the voices of Rapunzel and Flynn just like in the movie. Sadly, this series won’t come out until 2017!

Are you excited for this new series?

Have a magical day!



11 thoughts on “Tangled Animated Series

  1. bensamuelharrison says:

    that sounds really brilliant. don’t know what animation will be used but i really do like tangled and frozen even more so. i am so glad that they are choosing to follow up both stories. these are the only two films yet i make a point of not mocking on bennyhreviews. pleased about this. Does any one know when this is due out?

  2. Mysterious Beauties says:

    Omg that’s awesome! But I don’t have Disney channel on my TV so it makes me sad 😦 but it’s a brill idea! I’m sure it will come to Netflix some day! πŸ˜‰

  3. bensamuelharrison says:

    Well at least you are sane enough to like it. The test for complete insanity is not liking frozen at all. Haha. Apologies again for the asking for the release date. I just read the head line and was like “I am commenting in this” and then read the actual article and was like “oh”. Haha. I like tangled enough for this to be good news but prefer frozen. Opinions. πŸ™‚ any way, I will stop annoying you now. Haha.

  4. bensamuelharrison says:

    Thanks. I have exams tommorow though and really should get a bit of sleep any way. So you will have to cope without my wittiness and brilliance for now. I joke. Sorry, I will stop replying to every message I am sent now. Lol. It might not annoy you now but eventually you would start to get irritated by it I’m sure. Lol. See ya.

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