Stitch’s Great Escape Review

Stitch’s Great Escape is my least favorite attraction in Walt Disney World! I have only ridden this scary and awful attraction once, and that was in my family’s trip to Disney this year in March. You have to be 40 inches to ride, but I don’t suggest taking your little kid on this. My four year old sister was really scared, and I was too, and I am 12!

You sit down in really, really uncomfortable seats, and this thing goes over your head. Basically, the ride is just about Stitch escaping from the stupid alien prison. The lights will go off, and he burps. You hear lots of sounds. The seat you are seating in even moves.  I was scared the thing would jump on me, and if it was designed to, I know I would have! I know Stitch wasn’t real, but I think it was super scary! 

I will never ride this ride again because I hated it! I don’t know why they made it because it was a waste of their time! Awful job Disney!

Do you like this attraction,or do you not?


10 thoughts on “Stitch’s Great Escape Review

  1. marywdw says:

    I rode it once years ago with my cousin and we both agreed after that it was awful. I agree that it is the worst ride in WDW and I would love to see it replaced.

  2. Natalie Davis says:

    I guess nobody does! But my seven year old brother is super weird, and he loved it!

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