How To: Survive the Last Weeks of School from a Disney Fan

Hello, Disney lovers! I have two more weeks of school left, and I am 100 percent tired of school! I really want it to be summer break, but I want to finish good for the end of the school year. Here is how to survive the last weeks of school:

Go to bed at a good time before school days. You don’t want to not be able to not concentrate during school, so don’t go to bed at midnight and wake up early.


Listen in class. I know that it can be hard to listen because you are thinking about what you are doing this summer, but still. Take notes if that helps you.

Study good.


Don’t worry that you have a big project or test(or final) coming up. Have fun. Watch a (Disney) movie, relax, hang out with friends and family or do whatever to make you worry-free.

Take time to get ready. (Tip not for boys.) Even if you don’t want to, you should take some time. I know some girls take  lot of times, but sometimes people don’t want to.


Have a positive attitude. It is almost summer, so that’s a thing to be happy about.

Make a summer bucket list. I think that sounds fun!

Plan what you want to get your teachers(or  professors.)

If you haven’t already finished school, finish great Disney fans! You can do it!

Have a magical afternoon,



7 thoughts on “How To: Survive the Last Weeks of School from a Disney Fan

  1. Feminism Through Cinema and Literature says:

    Great post. I remember the last couple of weeks before summer being like torture. Summer is so close but teachers still insist on handing out homework!
    I love your affiliation to all things Disney!

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