The Buttons at Disney World

Celebrating a birthday, anniversary, family reunion, etc? You can get buttons  for FREE in Disney World. You don’t even have to wear them just one day; you  can wear it the whole time you are there!


Where can you get these buttons you may ask. The answer is resorts or at a gift shop or somewhere else.  The cast members(workers) are really nice, and if they say see your button they will say something. For an example, it was my sibling’s birthday, and they said happy birthday! They even gave us a free fastpass for Pirates of the Caribbean! The person who gives you your button will take time writing your name on it with a sharpie.


4 thoughts on “The Buttons at Disney World

  1. LaChatBlanc says:

    I love these buttons! I got free cotton candy when I was younger :). I didn’t know how many types of different buttons there were, I only knew about the birthday ones, so thanks for sharing!

  2. survivoramber says:

    I love these buttons! I live near Disneyland and they give a bunch of different ones out. My favorite is an honorary citizens button. This weekend my best friend and I are hoping to go and she just graduated college, Im hoping to get her a “Just Graduated” one. 🙂

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