The Seven Dwarfs Mine Train Review

Hello, Disney lovers! I know I didn’t post a lot last week, because of school and babysitting, but this week I will try to post more. Can you guys believe it’s almost May? I can’t! My  birthday is coming up next week, and I seriously don’t know what I want. So, anyway, this afternoon I will give you a review of The Seven Dwarfs Mine Train in Magic Kingdom:

The Seven Dwarfs Mine Train is a new rollercoaster in new Fantasyland that opened on May 28, 2014. You should get a fastpass for this ride if it’s available, and if you want to ride it. You get in these “mine carts.” Don’t forgot to put your Mickey Mouse ears, purse,etc. in this pocket thing attached in front of you. Let me tell you that this ride is NOT awesome. There are little hills, and that’s nothing to a thrill rider like me. At a certain point of the ride, you see the seven dwarfs in a dark “cave”, and there’s ” diamonds” in  mine carts, and it actually is pretty cool. Another cool thing about this ride that is cool is that at the end you see Snow White dancing in the little cottage with the dwarfs, and her stepmother looking like an ugly hag outside the cottage. This is a little rollercoaster, but is way better than the  Barnstormer. I wish Disney would have done a better job on it like bigger hills and a longer ride experience. They already have the Barnstormer, so why not make an awesome rollercoaster for thrill lovers. You have to be at least 38 inches  to ride this tame ride.


So, have you ridden this ride? If so, what did you think? Toodles!

Keep calm and Disney on,



6 thoughts on “The Seven Dwarfs Mine Train Review

  1. Natalie Davis says:

    Actually, it is because I read Fairest of All about the Wicked Queen that’s a Disney book, and she marrier Snow White’s dad. Trust me, I know a lot about Disney and don’t get them mixed up

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