How To: Add Disney to Your Everyday Life

Hey,Disney lovers! Being a Disney freak and fan, I like having a tiny bit of Disney to my everyday life! It’s supper easy to add Disney to your everyday life. Here are some things you do:

Drink from your Disney mug or cup. You might think what’s the difference between drinking it from a non-Disney cup or mug. I have used my Ariel mug several times, and when I have used a non-Disney mug, and it isn’t the same and not that fun at all. I even plan on getting another mug the next time I go to Disney.

Listen to Disney music. Listen to it in the car, while your getting ready for the day or just relax ,and watch the music videos.

Do a Disney talent show with your family and\or friends. I don’t mean do it every day. You could sing Disney songs, or act some scenes from the movies.

Watch a Disney movie. This will always make you smile even when you aren’t feeling well, are sad, mad, tired or upset. Even if you are super happy or excited, you will even be more happy.

Watch Disney Channel or Disney Junior. You could think I am crazy for suggesting that you watch Disney Junior! I totally agree that some Disney Junior shows are silly and babyish, but some I don’t mind watching because they are cute, and some episodes make me think of Disney World.  For example, sometimes Sofia the First can be very inserting and all the time cute. Sometimes I find myself sitting down on the couch because my little sisters are watching it, and it’s very distracting. I always watch Disney Channel, and two of my favorite shows are Austin and Ally and K.C. Undercover.

Watch Disney rides on YouTube. I love doing this. I have this app on my Android phone, and you can see  Disney World attractions. It always make me happy.

Read Disney blogs(or websites) or books. I read Disney blogs all the time. On WordPress, I have a Disney tag and will read Disney blog posts, and that always makes me happy. One book series that I think is great from the reviews is Kingdom Keepers. (I  am hoping to get them soon for my 12th birthday in two weeks.)

Talk and plan about your next trip to Disney. I always do this. Thankfully, my parents don’t get annoyed because they are big Disney freaks like me.

Look at Disney souvenirs online.

Eat Disney-shaped food. For  an example, you could have Mickey waffles.

Wear a Disney shirt. If you don’t want to do this, you could just wear the colors the character wears.

Now, go add Disney to your everyday life, and have fun! Toodles!

Keep calm and Disney on,



5 thoughts on “How To: Add Disney to Your Everyday Life

  1. smilingldsgirl says:

    Very cute post. Was just listening to Frozen soundtrack and remembering the smaller songs. They are really good! I’ve started collecting Disney pins and that’s another fun way to brighten my day. Wear a pin!

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