Similarities and Differences of Frozen and Tangled


Hi ,Disney lovers! This afternoon I thought I write about the differences and similarities between Tangled and Frozen, even though Ariel is the Disney Princess of the week. I just watched Tangled, and I will admit I think I might like it better than Frozen. Some people might think I am just crazy, but I don’t care. Tangled is a very good movie, and Frozen is, too. That’s just my opinion. Everybody has to know that Eugene and Rapunzel came to Elsa’s  coronation, and do you know why? It’s because Rapunzel is Anna’s and Elsa’s cousin. I am not going to do all the do you know about these two movies on this post. I just wanted to say that.:)

Similarities of Frozen and Tangled

-Anna and Rapunzel can’t get out of the place they are in, and once they get out they sing.

-Both blonde girls, Elsa and Rapunzel, have a power.

– Anna and Rapunzel both take a guy to help them find something or someone.

-Both Eugene and Kristofe  leave the girls, and then they come back for them.

-The girls that have powers save a person. Elsa saves Anna , and Rapunzel saves Eugene.

-Anna kisses Kristofe, and Rapunzel kisses Eugene.

-The females look alike

-The Queens and Kings barely or don’t say any words.

-The horses look alike.

-An animal goes along for an adventure in the two movies. Max in Tangled and Sven in Frozen.

-Mother Gothel stabbed Eugene, and Hans almost stabbed Elsa.

Differences of Frozen and Tangled:

-Elsa and Anna’s parents die.

-Anna doesn’t have her own pet like Rapunzel does.

-Rapunzel sings a song with not a prince ,but Anna does.

-Rapunzel saves Eugene with her powers, but Elsa just breaks the spell.

-Anna isn’t locked in her own home by a bad guy.

-The villain,Mother Gothel  in Tangled dies, but Hans goes to prison.

-We know what happens to Eugene and Rapunzel’s love life but not Kristofe and Anna’s.


Lol. I found this on google, and I just had to share


I also found this!

There are still some more similarities and differences, but that’s all I wanted to write. Toodles!

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