12 Signs that You Could Be a Disney Freak

Hey, Disney lovers! Do you wonder if you are  Disney freak?  Answer yes or no to the following, and read everything below:

1.You are always planning or talking about your next trip to Disney. You enjoy doing this. No, you love it. The next time we go to Disney lets do this, lets do that ,and lets see this, lets see that ,and lets stay here is what you probably talk about.

2.You don’t want to watch a non-Disney movie. If that happens, you will be upset, and you might be so bored that you will fall asleep during it.

3.You will burst into a Disney song at anytime. You don’t care what other people think, you just love to listen and sing to Disney songs.

4.You get shocked if someone doesn’t like Disney, hasn’t been to Disney or hasn’t watch a single Disney movie. You will gasp, and you will not believe your ears.

5.You can basically name all the Disney movies ,because you have seen them all, and you watched them so many times, you can say almost or all the lines. You are proud of it.

6.You like to buy Disney things. From Disney t-shirts,toys,mugs,etc.

7.You can watch a Disney movie lots a time in the same day without getting bored.

8.You dream about Disney almost every single night.

9.You think about Disney 24\7. You can’t stop.

10.You often quote quotes from  Disney movies.

11.You talk about Disney a lot.

12.Certain or all Disney songs make you cry, a happy cry, because they remind you of Disney parks. I am with you.:)

If you answered yes to most or all of these, you are a Disney freak! If you answered yes to some, you like Disney, but your not a full on Disney freak. If you answered yes to none, you are obviously not a Disney freak. Tell me what you got in the comments! 🙂 Toodles!

Have a magical day,



6 thoughts on “12 Signs that You Could Be a Disney Freak

  1. Indah Susanti says:

    Your post made me smile! I hope someday to get a chance to visit Disney World in Paris. It is on my bucket list 🙂 And I do love Disney movies, never get disappointed by them 🙂

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