My Top 10 Disney Villains

Hey,Disney lovers! You love to hate them, and they make Disney movies awesome! They’re Disney villains! Here are my top ten Disney villains:

10-Scar: The lion killed his brother and told his young nephew a lie, making him run away, so he could become king of the pride. When Simba came back, he almost killed him. Scar died in the end.


9-Cruella de Vil: She stole dalmatian puppies, so she could make furs out of them. She didn’t get what she wanted.


8-Mother Gothel: She kept a magical flower to herself, so she could stay young and beautiful. The queen drank the magic flower and had a baby with magical hair, because of the flower. Mother Gothel stole the baby, because her hair would keep her young and beautiful. She locked Rapunzel in a castle, raising her has her own, only loving her hair. Mother Gothel stabbed Flynn Rider, a charming thieve. She died in the end.


7- Professor Callahan: At first we thought he was good, but he wasn’t. We thought Alistair Krei was bad. Robert Callahan, stole Hiro’s megabots and didn’t save Tedashii from the fire even though he went in to save him. He ruined Krei’s building. He stole the megrbots because Krie accidentally trapped his daughter in this thing, and he thought she was dead, so he was trying to get him back. He goes to prison at the end.


6-Lady Tremaine: She was jealous of her stepdaughter’s beauty, so she made her the maid. She locked Cinderella in her room, so she couldn’t try on the glass slipper.


5-Hans of the Southern Isles: Come on ladies. You have to amit he is charming! I mean really charming. He is the most good looking Disney villain I have ever seen! He acts kind and a gentlemen most of the time, but he was just acting. After he married Anna ,that was not for love, he would have killed Elsa secretly, so he could become king of  Arendelle.  He had a great plan for a villain. He locked Anna in a room, that almost killed her, and almost killed Elsa. He went to prison in the end.


4-Ursala: The sea witch gave Ariel legs if she gave up her voice for three days. Ariel had to make the prince fall in live with her in three day , or she belonged to Ursula. She tricked the mermaid, knowing that she would make sure they didn’t fall in love, and the king would save his daughter, taking her place. Ursula changed him to one of her weird things that she had many of that were merpeople. She takes the king’s magic thing and becomes giant and taking over the ocean. She dies at the end.


3-Gaston: He wanted Belle to be his wife, and  he stabbed the beast with a knife, because they were in love. He died at the end.


2- Maleficent: She put a curse on a baby princess, trapped a prince and turned into a dragon.


1- The Wicked Queen: She wanted to be the fairest in the land, so she told the huntsman to kill her stepdaughter, because she is more beautiful. He doesn’t, so she has a  potion that turns her into a old hag, and  she gives her stepdaughter an apple that will make her go into a sleep that will be only woken up by true love’s kiss. The queen dies at the end.


Do you see something in common between the villains? They are wearing purple, black or red. The next time you watch a new Disney movie, look for those colors on a person, because if they are a villain they will have at least one of those colors!:) Well, most of the time it will be a villain.

Who is your favorite Disney villain? Tell me in the comments! Toodles!

Have a magical day,



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