Frozen Fever Short Film Review

Frozen Fever, the short film in the new live action movie, Cinderella,is about Anna’s birthday. Elsa wants Anna to have a perfect  birthday  for all the birthdays she didn’t get to have, because she had no one to celebrate them with. For most of the day, Anna finds amazing presents from Elsa.  Elsa has a cold that makes little snowmen appear. Most of the short film is sung, “Making Today a Perfect Day.”

This short film is cute and heartwarming and  has a lesson: put others before you self. Elsa was sick, so Anna took care of her on her birthday. You can buy “Making Today a Perfect Day” on your device. You could even buy the dolls from the short, if there are even some left.  I enjoyed this, and so did my almost five year old sister. It is funny, and you will see the main characters of Frozen with the original voices!


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