Disney News!

Hey, Disney lovers! If you didn’t’t know, Frozen 2 is confirmed! I don’t know anything about it except that. I am really looking forward to it! It probably won’t come out until  2017, so we have awhile to wait, Frozen fans! We have some things to look forward to in movies, this year. Cinderella came out ,today with the short film,Frozen Fever, Tomorrowland, Inside Out( I know it’s Pixar,but it still counts.) ,and there is probably going to be another Disney movie in theaters around Christmas or Thanksgiving time.(Get ready for a trailer!) If you want to see what I want to happen in Frozen 2, go to one of my older blog posts!

Hollywood Studios News- They are going to have a third track in Toy Story Mania, are going to remodel The Great Movie Ride, and there is a rumor that there will be cars land like the one in California Adventure! I am excited about the new changes in the park!

Are you excited for cars land and the other things that are changing in Hollywood Studios? Are you sad that the name of the park is changing ,and are you excited for Frozen 2? Tell me in the comments! Toodles!



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