My Family’s Trip To Orlando,Florida March 2015

Hey,Disney lovers! Don’t you hate it when vacations ends? Yep, my family and I got back home on Saturday evening. At first, I was sad  and a tiny bit glad that we were ,but this morning I was so sad. I know we will go again  and again,but I just hate it when trips end. Now, I am going to tell you all about my awesome trip!

Day 1- Arrived in Orlando!

Day 2- We swam and went to Downtown Disney. We ate at Rainforest Cafe for dinner and shopped for souvenirs. I got an Ariel mug, Fairest of All chapter book,( I will write about it later.) an Anna pen and two Disney mystery figure packets. We saw the Epcot fireworks somewhere, and we did not even go in the park!


The front


The back


I love this cover!


I would have got an Elsa pen but they were out of stock!

Day 3- We swam and ate at Earle of Sandwich for dinner. We also had ice cream from Ghirardelli and night swam.

Day 4- We went to the beach and ate at Bambama Breeze.

Day 5- We went to Magic Kingdom. The day was very hot,so Splash Mountain felt great! My fave rides of the day were Splash Mountain,  Space Mountain and Pirates of the Caribbean.  We rode Seven Dwarfs’ Mine Train( We had a fast pass.), but I didn’t think it was so awesome but was still good. We watched Carousel of Process for the first time, and I liked it. We also tried Stitch’s Great Escape,and I think it is the dumbest ride in M.K We had Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Cafe for lunch, and ,and for dinner, we had Crystal Palace.

Day 6- My family went to Sea World. My fave thing of the day was Pets  Ahoy! (It is a show.) I don’t know why it is at Sea World, but it was so funny ,and I loved it!

Day 7- We went to Hollywood Studios. My aunt, uncle, cousins, and grandparents went to Hollywood Studios this day, so we spent the day together. The day was sadly very cool. The sun did not come out for a single minute. We saw Baymax and Hiro  and had to stay in line for an hour. They were not even doing autographs and were so slow! My fave rides of the day were The Great Movie Ride and Rock ‘ n Rollercoaster. I rode Tower of Terror and I was so scared. After we watched the Beauty and the Beast show, I got The Beast Within chapter book(I will write about it later). For lunch, we had Backlot Express ,and for dinner, we had Pizza Planet Arcade.

Day 8- Returned home

This was a great trip! I hope you guys all enjoyed reading and looking at the pics on my blog post. Vacations are awesome and so is Disney World! Toodles!




6 thoughts on “My Family’s Trip To Orlando,Florida March 2015

  1. marywdw says:

    Ghirardelli ice cream is the best! We always stop there when we are in Downtown Disney. I also think that Stitch’s Great Escape ride is awful. I rode it once and that was enough. I just got back from WDW yesterday and am so sad I am not still there. Disney vacations are the best!

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