Really Cute Disney Nails

Hi Disney lovers! Tomorrow is the day I will be in Orlando! I am very excited!Tonight, I am going to write about how to do super cute Disney nails.
Whether you want to do them for your next Disney trip or just because, I bet they will make you smile!:)

Things you will need:

-pink or red nail polish
-yellow nail polish
-black nail polish
-while nail polish
-toothpick or what ever thing you want to use to design your nails

How to do the Disney nails:
Paint your index finger and the next two fingers pink or red. Also, paint your thumb one of those colors. Next,paint the other finger yellow ,and do the same thing for your other hand. For the first three red nails,make five to six dots and for the yellow nail, draw a black circle with your toothpick and attach two smaller circles to the other circle. Last but not least, do the same thing you did for the yellow nail on your thumb, but draw a white bow on Minnie and then put a dot of red on the bow. Do the same designs for your other hand. Let dry for 10 to 15 minutes.

Here are some pics of my nails:





Would you like to try these nail designs? I would love to know,so tell me in the comments!:) Toodles!



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