Disney Movie Secrets 

I love to find hidden Mickeys and secrets in Disney movies.   I just think it is really fun! I don’t know tons of secrets, but I chose three Disney movies that has some secrets I would like to share:


•Flynn Rider and Rapunzel came to Elsa’s coronation.(You can spot them when Anna just first goes out of the castle.)

•You maybe asking yourself why did Flynn and Rapunzel come to Arendelle, and I have a true  answer. Rapunzel is Elsa’s and Anna’s cousin.

•The Queen and King were going to Flynn  Rider’s and Rapunzel’s wedding.

Toy Story 2-3:

Jessie’s old owner was Andie’s mom.Andie and Emily both liked cowboy things,so doesn’t it make sense?This is why that secret is true:Andie’s mom named her baby girl Emily.(Toy Story 2)

•Remeber Sid from the first movie? In Toy Story 3,he is the garage man!

Have you heard these secrets before?Do you believe them?Write below in the comments!