Best Places To See Disney Characters\Character Tips

I love seeing Disney characters. It is so fun to see them.There are great places to see Disney characters, and here are two:

The Showcases in Epcot- You can see characters in the countries in Epoct.For example,you can see Belle and Sleeping Beauty in France.This is not in a country, but you see Mickey Mouse and friends in a certain place there.

The Princess Hall in Fantasyland (Magic Kingdom)- You see two princess for each line you wait in. It is a great place to see the princess.


•Sometimes Disney characters can be around the parks.For example,Jessie and Woody are sometimes at Froniterland.

•Check My Disney Experience app to see how long the waits are to see them, and when the characters will be giving autographs.

•If you want to see Elsa and Anna,definitely get a fastpass!

•If you don’t want to spend a lot of money on autograph books,buy some cheap ones in stores in Orlando.

•Bring your own pens!

I hope I gave you some good tips.Make sure to take some pictures with the characters!