How To Have An Awesome Disney Vacation

Most people like or love Disney but some do not. If you are going to Disney soon,you might want to know how to have an awesome Disney vacation,even if you have been several times, or you have  not been at all. Well,I have been to Disney lots of time ,so I have some advice on how you can have an awesome Disney vacation. Sit back and relax ,and even take some notes.

Relax. If you are stressed about anything, just don’t worry. You should have fun ,and don’t need to stress about anything. You’re on vacation.  Vacations are supposed to be fun and relaxing,NOT stressful.

It’s not always great to go to to the parks every day. If you have small children, and you go there every day,they will probably not get to take a nap and , and that will make them grumpy. It will hurt your feet, if you go every day. I suggest you should go every other day to the parks and maybe swim at the pools ,and one day go to Downtown Disney or do what ever you want on the days you are not at Disney.

Don’t hurry to get to the rides or shows unless you have a fastpass. Just take your time getting to the rides; enjoy the rides and shows.

Meet some Disney characters.   It is always fun to meet some characters,even if your are an adult. Make sure to take some pics and get some autographs of the characters you want to see.

See some parades. The parades are always great , expecially the  “Dreams Come True” parade in Magic Kingdom.

Get some souvenirs. Either if it is in the parks or in Downtown Disney,Disney souvenirs are great and totally worth the cost.

Make some memories that you can keep for a life time. Make sure to take some pictures or maybe even videos of your trip. If you want ,you could write about your trip ,either on your phone or in a journal.

Don’t ever,ever get the Disney character cookies. You can get these horrible cookies around the parks or at Downtown Disney. They may look  cute
and yummy to the eyes but to the mouth…Horrible!These cookies are so not worth the five dollars.Don’t buy them.Get a way better treat!

Watch the final show at each park at the end at the night. For an example,Magic Kingdom has the best fireworks  by Cinderella’s castle.The final shows are a great way to leave the parks.

Disney World and Disneyland are both the happiest places on earth, so have fun,don’t stress ,and make some memories!