The Awesome Fastpass and Magic Band

Don’t want to wait in some of the long lines at Disney? There is a solution to that!Fastpasses!!!Fastpasses are awesome.Some rides don’t need fastpasses like Living with the Land at Epoct.(There is usually a zero minute wait for it.) Some rides  really need it like Splash Mountain,Space Mountain,Rock ‘n Rollercoaster, Soarin’ and Toy Story Mania.If you have never went to Disney,you probably don’t know which rides and shows need a fastpass and the ones that don’t.There is an app called My Disney Experience.You can see  how long the waits are and make reservations and fastpasses  on the app.You can  only get three fastpasses at a time ,and then you can get one more, and then one more and another.(I don’t know when it ends.)There is a time for each of your fastpasses.

Magic Bands are amazing.It can be your ticket and your fastpasses.You can scan it in the entrance of the park and before the ride . If you are staying on Disney property,you can use your magic band as a credit card and can use it to get in your room.(You can set the magic band  up on My Disney Experience.)You can get charms to put on your magic band.Their are multiple colors of a magic band.Now,you can get a charcter magic band.You can not use magic bands at Disneyland yet.

Have you used a magic band before? If so, did you like them?Write below in the comments!:)