What I Want To Happen In Frozen 2

I remember when I first wached Frozen in theaters and I loved and I still do now.It sorta gets sorta old after a while.If I don’t watch it for a while,it probably won’t be boring to me.I have heard that Disney might make a Frozen 2 and I am so excited!This is what I want to happen in Frozen 2:

I want Anna and Khristoph to have a baby. I know in Once Upon A Time they got married so why not let them have a baby?

I want Elsa to find her true love . Wouldn’t that be great? Mabe she could find a guy with powers, too.

I want Frozen 2 to have more of an adventure than the first movie. I don’t know what type of an adventure but I hope that Frozen 2 will be awesome!

I want Rapunzel and Flynn Rider to visit again. I don’t mean just let them be in it for a second or two.I mean let them be in it for awhile.Besides,Rapunzal is Elsa’s and Anna’s cousin.

Do you like Frozen?Do you hope that there will be a Frozen 2? Do you agree on the things I want in Frozen 2 ?Write below in the comments!