How I Pack For a Disney Trip

I am hoping that the days will fly fast for me until my family will be heading to the Sunshine state. (27 more days to go!) For the next four weeks,I will take up my time with school,watching Disney movies,watching Once Upon A Time( I started it January 9th), and reading. Anyway, here is how I pack for a trip:

Step One-First, I pick all the outfits I want to bring and roll it up in the suit case.Then,I put other things in it.

Step Two-I use this small,cute bag from Thirty-Two and put deodorant,hairbands,my razer,hairbrush,tangle spary, jewelries, etc.Then,I zip the bag up and put it in my suit case.

Step three-I get a few bags, put a shoe in each bag and put the bags in the suit case.I zip up the suit case and then I am done with that.

Step four- I like to bring a carry-on on trips.I put hand gel,my tablet, a book and anything else I want in it.