Watching Disney Movies

I think it might fun to watch a Disney movie or movies every week until my family heads to to the Sunshine state in 32 days.Here the Disney movies I might watch:

Week One-I think I might want to watch a classic.I think I will watch Cinderella and even though it is not a classic, I want to watch The Incredibles.

Week Two-I think I will watch a Disney movie in the middle of modern and old-The Lion King. Because Big Hero 6 is coming out this week,I think I will watch that also .

Week Three-Because Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible,No Good,Very Bad Day is coming out,I will watch it ,and will watch Finding Nemo.

Week Four-I will watch Tangled and Wreck it Ralph

Week Five-I will watch The Little Mermaid,Frozen and Beauty and the Beast.This week will also include me watching Mickey Mouse cartoons.: )