My Disney Favorites

In about a month, my family and I will be heading to Orlando,Florida.I have been counting down the days for while.(I got an app on my tablet that is a Disney World countdown app with Disney World wallpaper.) Even though I have been to Disney World a lot,I just can’t wait.Palm trees and great weather are awesome! I can’t wait to pack for the trip.(I love packing for trips.) I have written my Disney favorites below:

My favorite Disney movie(s)-I seriously don’t know my favorite Disney movie, but some of my faves would be: Frozen,The Little Mermaid,Beauty and the Beast, The Incredibles and Toy Story 2.

My favorite Disney character- Belle. I think I most resemble her out  of all of the  Disney charcters because I love reading and  I want more to life.By that I mean,I want to go out of the country.

My favorite Disney song-  Part of your world. (The Little Mermaid)

My favorite Disney World ride(s)- Spalsh Mountain(Magic Kingdom) and Rock  n’ Roller Coaster (Hollywood Studios)

My favorite Disney World show- The Voyage of the Little Mermaid(Hollywood Studios)

My favorite place(s) to eat at Disney- O’hana ( in the Polynesian  resort) and the Beast’s Castle(Magic Kingdom)

My favorite Disney park- Magic Kindom