Rides That You Might Want to Ride at Disney World

If you are going to Disney World for the first time, you probably don’t know what rides you should ride.There are a lot of rides in Disney World, so,you will not be able to ride all of them.I wrote a list of the rides that I would recommend.

Magic Kindom rides that I recommend:

-Splash Mountain (You have to be a certain height to ride…)

– Pirates of the Caribbean

– Peter Pan’s Flight

– It’s a Small World

– The Voyage of the Little Mermaid (If your little girl loves Ariel  ,she will love this!)

-The Jungle Cruise

-Space Mountain(You have to be a certain height to ride…)

Hollywood Studios Park Rides that I Would Recommend:

– The Great Movie Ride

– Toy Story Mania

-Rock n’ Roller Coaster(If you love fast,you will love this!You have to be a certain hight to ride…)

Epcot rides I Recommend:

– Soarin'(You have to be a certain height  to ride…)

-Test Track (If you like fast,you will love this! You have to be a certain  height to ride…)

-Finding Nemo Ride(Some people might not like this because, it is a kid ride.)

I don’t go to Animal Kindom a lot, so, I have no rides to recommend.By the way,Magic Kingdom  has the most rides  of all four parks in disney World.

I hope my list has helped you decide what rides you want to ride.If you want to see more ride names go on online to a different site.
(If you don’t want to go to all the parks, I would suggest Magic Kindom and Hollywood Studios.Magic Kindom,because it has lots of rides and Hollywood Studios because, there are a lot of shows there.)